My name is Shin Jae Eun (신재은) people also know me as Zennyrt.
I am a model from South Korea born in 1991. I hope you’ll enjoy my pictures and video! Follow me on my channels~

안녕하세요 1991년생 대한민국 모델 신재은입니다.
제사진과 비디오 많이 좋아해주셨으면 좋겠습니다!

Commercial & TV Ads :
별이 되어라 (Dragon Blaze) – Game
Sudden Attack – Game
Root of Life – Cosmetic Brand
Uncoated 247 – Underwear

Music Video :
뮤지 (Muzie) – 아무것도 아니야 (Nothing)  MV
뮤지 (Muzie) – 아가씨2 (My lady) (阿哥氏) MV

Magazine :
Maxim 2018-08 Cover Girl
Cosmopolitan 2020-05

Photo Book :
Zenny in Philippines

Other :
2019-03 Lotte Home Shopping host
2019-03 LG U+ VR Platform IPTV+MOBILE – Star Date VR